Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We here at the Lazy Lab Quilt Company, are, well, LAZY!  Therefore, no progress on the Meg's Garden to share with you today.  However, I thought I would take this opportunity to stroll down memory lane.  Below is a picture of the Yellow Brick Road quilt I made in early 2009. 

I have been making quilt tops since 2001, but until recently I was sort of manic about it; I would make so many and was such a perfectionist, that quilting wasn't fun and then in frustration and disgust,  I would drop the hobby for a couple of years until I was emotionally recovered enough to pick it up again.  This Yellow Brick Road quilt represents my re-entry back into the wonderful world of quilting.  I haven't looked back since.

Having been out of practice for 2 years, I found the quilt difficult to make.  It wasn't the instructions, or the fabric; I was just plain rusty and had forgotten a lot of quilting fundamentals. 

While the piecing presented challenges, this was the first quilt that I quilted using my new Pfaff Grand Quilter!  I meandered the whole single-size quilt (they specifically tell you in machine quilting 101 to begin on something small - but those who know me know I never start with something managable!) I loved meandering!  And despite the fact that it was not perfect, I loved this quilt!

In the picture, I find that it looks "Christmassy"; all green and red.  But, in real-life it is more brown/red.

A word about perfectionism and quilting: I once had a great quilting teacher, Michelle, who's personal motto about perfectionism really helped me over come it.  Michelle's motto: Finished is better than perfect!  Isn't it true?  I 
think that might become my new company motto!

Here are some more pictures of my Meg's Garden fabric choices.  I find these pictures show the prints in the fabrics better than the previous pictures.

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