Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wow! It Actually Worked!!!

A friend of mine recently commented that I don't seem to be as "enamoured" with the Joseph's Coat quilt as I was with the Meg's Garden quilt. It's true. When I was working on the Meg's Garden quilt, it was all I could think, speak and dream about it.

By contrast, I've been feeling rather "meh" about the Joseph's Coat quilt. My friend's comment made me think about why. I think there are two real reasons.

First, I am not crazy about the fabric. I was always intending to use the black background, but I was originally going to use batiks for the pedals. At the last minute changed my mind to these "Quilter's Candy" fabrics. These fabrics are fine, but I think my heart is with the batiks.

The second and strongest cause of my ambivalence occurred when I realized that getting all these points to match up was going to be tough! I am a pretty precise quilter, but I have given up prefectionism in my quilting (thank gawd!). Having said that, the prospect of doing all this work only to find out that the points do not and will not match up...well, the very thought was enough to dampen my enthusiasm.

I am thrilled to report that my concerns were unfounded! I pushed through my ambivalence and hesitation and finished the first 14 "blocks". This meant that I could begin sewing together rows 1 & 2 and could see how well they were going to fit together. And it worked!!!! SO FAR, ALL THE POINTS MATCH UP! YEAH! The picture below shows the first 3 "blocks" of row 1 and the first 2 "blocks" of row 2.

Here you see where 2 of the "blocks" come together. Or can you???

I am machine appliquing the pedals on using an invisible thread. I love the results.

Now onto the other 35 blocks!

Happy Quilting!


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  1. i just love it esp.against the black fabric. Wher did you get the pattern?
    Great Job!