Wednesday, December 8, 2010

White Christmas

Do you have a favourite quilt designer? Apparently, I do!

I was looking for Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine at my local bookstore. They didn't have it, but they did have Austalian Quilter's Companion, a magazine I was not familiar with. I picked it up, thumbed through it and came across the picture below. It was love at first sight! After I gazed at it for a good long time, I searched the page for the designer's name. Well, wouldn't you know it, the designer is Kellie Wilsohn, the designer of the Meg's Garden quilt I replicated and the author of the Don't Look Now blog! Kellie is also the designer of the Joseph's Coat quilt that I am (trying) to make. I guess I am just drawn to Kellie's patterns! I just might have to drop everything and begin working on this beauty (titled White Christmas) immediately! I already have some plans to Melanie-ize it! It won't be ready for this Christmas, but that's ok!

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