Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Finished!!!White Christmas Conclusion

It's Finished! And I love it!
First, here is the original picture that appeared in Australian Quilter's Companion. The magazine is dated July, but I found it at my local bookstore on December 8th (guess it takes a long time for magazines to make it to Canada from Australia!). The designer is Kellie Wulfsohn, who also designed the Meg's Garden quilt I made in the summer. Love her designs!

The customizations:
1) Size : the original in the magazine was a wall hanging (40" X 42"). I like my quilts to be inbetween lap & twin size, so decided to make the design larger. I used the same size flakes and simply expanded the background. I did this by buying 4.5 metres of backgroung fabric and 2.5 metres of white for the snowflakes (which was way too much! 1.5 would have been enough). My version ended up being 60" X 72:.

2) Pink Star : the original had no "tree topper". I decided to add a star. At first, I was going to add it in white; then thought a yellow star would be lovely. When going through my stash looking for yellow, I came across the pink and was just smitten! The pink was cute and more unexpected than white or yellow.

3) Peace on Earth : From the beginning I wanted to add lettering of some sort. Obvious choices were "Merry Christmas" or "Joyeux Noel", etc. But I felt "Peace on Earth" was, again, less expected. The orinial plan (in my mind), was to place "Peace" on the top of the tree arching downward, and "on Earth" on the bottom arching up, to form something of a broken circle around the tree. However, executing the arch was very difficult to perform precisely, so I settled on putting all the wording on the bottom. I love it!

4) Snowflakes in Corners: seeing as I made the quilt larger, I wanted to add something to break up the "white space" (or in this case, the "blue space") between the tree and the border. L-bracket snowflake formation came to mind. If I had to do it again, I might experiment and put mistletoe in the corners.

5) Scalloped Borders: I felt this quilt screamed for scalloped borders! I love them but had never tried them. I purchased the scallop ruler/template from Quilt in a Day, and it was easy-peasy! I will definitely do it again!

So without further ado, here is my completed White Christmas Quilt (warning - couldn't decide which picture was best, so I have uploaded a lot!)

The back is super-snuggly flannel!

I am just thrilled with the outcome!


  1. What a S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G quilt! I love the way you adopted the pattern for your use and made a far more beautiful quilt...

    Pam....umm, could you make me one now? lol...

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely. And what an inspiration to the rest of us. Which issue of AQC was the pattern in, please?


  3. Hi There Mary!

    You had asked for the issue information for the White Christmas Quilt. It appeared in the July/August edition of Australian Quilters Companion, which was Vol 9.4 No. 44.

    All the best!

  4. It is just beautiful, and you should be proud!

  5. I love this quilt, and I am definitely not "into" making stuff especially for Christmas. But I do tatting, and have at least a hundred tatted snowflakes - or you could call them small doilies. I have had them on my Christmas for many years, but would like to put them on something that can be enjoyed the year around. This could be my answer.