Saturday, September 17, 2016

Aloha, Pink Lady

Wow! It's been ages. Almost a year.

So many quilts made during that time that need to be shared. I'll start with the latest top completed and hopefully work my way back.

This latest one is from a pattern published in the fall edition of Quilty. A curved log cabin and (I believe) my first log cabin ever!

I picked pink, my favourite colour ever, as I had lots leftover from my Jane Deere quilt (more on that another day).

This was the first quilt I used starch with. I had heard lots about it and I liked it. I think it really helped keep every thing crisp and straight.

I was going on a quilt retreat, so I wanted everything cut in advance and ready to go. The cutting surprised me in that it took days and days!  The actual piecing took much longer than I had anticipated, too. The piecing was straightforward, just time-consuming.

The results? Well, I must admit I was disappointed. The quilt was (in most respects) technically perfect, but it was "blah" to me. The traditional pattern and pinks made the finish project seem matronly to my eye.

As I was standing at the retreat looking at it dejectedly, a friend reminded me that it wasn't a "Melanie" quilt without some embellishment. By goodness, she was right! I quickly decided that a black flower would liven and modernize the quilt, making it more inline with my taste. And thus, the black polka dot hibiscus!!!

I love, love, love it now!

The quilt will be bound in the same black polka dot and I think it'll shine!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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