Monday, October 31, 2016

Completed Quilt Top - Day Dream

This quilt top gets filed under "I can't believe I was able to do this!" I just truly can't believe it!

This is my second Jacqueline de Jonge quilt top. I made the small Happiness quilt (shown in my header) in late 2014 using her How To Make a Be Colourful Quilt DVD. Her instructions in the DVD were fantastic and her demeanour so kind and encouraging. I was thrilled with my results.

So, when I saw the Day Dream Craftsy class come up, I jumped at it! I bought it on sale for about $19 and can say that it is the best 19 quilt-related dollars I have ever spent.

Her instructions and demonstrations were so clear. At every step of the way I marvelled at my progress and thought "I can't believe I got this far" and it is all due to Jacqueline's fabulous instructions and her encouragement in the video. She says lovely things like "Don't be frightened, I KNOW you can do this". That (and being able to rewind the video a zillion times) got me through to the completion of the top.

I feel it necessary to say that the quilt is not perfect....but, what quilt is, right? This was by far the most complex quilt top I have ever made, but it wasn't all that daunting with the aid of the video. I learned a ton and would definitely make this pattern again! And as it is a Craftsy pattern, I can reprint the pattern and watch the video again and again and again!

If you have been admiring Jacqueline's Be Colourful patterns, I would definitely recommend buying the Craftsy course. I sure don't regret it! Here is the link

This finish has given me the incentive to get my Aurora (also by Jacqueline) that I started in February of 2015 completed. It is my goal to get it done before the New Year.

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