Monday, November 14, 2016

Another Jean Quilt

Well, I just can't get enough of them so I made another jean quilt.

A friend gave me all of her old jeans and I turned them into a quilt using Natalia Bonner's pattern/recommendation

My friend is part of a female motorcycle club named the Chrome Divas, so that is what I appliqued on the quilt.

As always, I used a flannel back to keep it cuddly.

I did not use a batting on this one. It measures 78X80 and as it is made up of 10+ pairs of jeans, it is super heavy. A batting would make it feel like a ton of bricks!

I am happy with how the quilting turned out. Used a loop de loop in a variegated thread.

This is my second fully completed quilt  in 18 days! That is a personal record! Usually I'm pretty quick with getting the tops completed, and then they languish waiting to be quilted. Feeling very proud of myself!

Hope my friend likes it.

You can see my other jean quilts here:

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