Thursday, July 5, 2018

Circle of Life Completed Quilt Top

Two weeks ago I was very, very fortunate to spend 6 days with Jacqueline de Jonge!!! Wow! What a dream come true!

The session was being taught at Nancy’s Calico Patch in Newport News, VA. It was almost 1200kms from my house, but it was the closest course I could get in to with Jacqueline before 2019. So, I made the trek and it was well, well worth it.

I can not say enough about Jacqueline. She is an amazing designer AND teacher.  I am planning on taking more classes with her as soon as I can.

As I was staying for 6 days (two 3 day classes) I brought two quilts to work on; Aurora and Circle of Life.

Below is my completed Circle of Life quilt top. I had all the components completed before class. They just needed to be sewn together. I thought it would be quick and that I could move on to the second pattern I had begun earlier in the week.

Well, I discovered that I had made several critical mistakes with Circle.  But, with Jacqueline’s help all were addressed successfully and now I have a beautiful and flat top.

As always, I learned a TON through the mistakes and the corrections and I’ll be a much more competent quilter as a result.

Thank you, Jacqueline, for all your help! Can’t wait to take another course with you!

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