Wednesday, February 4, 2015

This was REALLY hard!

Only because I kept making mistakes! And worse than that, the mistakes were all my fault! Not bad or incomplete instructions, but just plain ol' failing to pay attention. Don't you hate that? 

The last time I posted about this quilt, I had realized that I had the wrong side of the fabric facing on 2 of the spikes. I undid them & resewed both. I was very satisfied until I realized that I did it AGAIN on one of the spikes! Grrrr. So, I unpicked the stitches & then discovered that I had unpicked the spike that was sewn correctly! Yikes!!

So. I had to cut more of the white fabric. There is very little hope now that I'll have enough white left to complete the project. One of the drawbacks of buying a kit is the possibility of running out of fabric if you make mistakes. It's ok, though. I have a plan .... One that involves buying more fabric. This quilt is continuing to be the most expensive quilt I've ever made. Oh well. What can I do? 

I did, finally, get all the spikes sewn, sewn together & then got the center sewn in. It's not perfect, but after all the mistakes I made I was just happy to get it to this point. 

Let's hope I pay better attention with the future pieces! 

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