Sunday, January 18, 2015

Aurora Step #3

I think this is the best that I can do with this particular step. I can see wrinkles, but it lies fairly flat. I think I have to learn to live with it. When I made Happiness, I wasn't too hard on myself. I kept telling myself it was my first time & not to be too self-critical. And as a result I enjoyed the process. I think that my success with Happiness has caused me to have unreasonable expectations of myself for Aurora (& I'm only at Step 3 & my expectations are already too high! Yikes!!!). Oh well. 

I have to wait to move on to Step #4. Would you believe that I misplaced one of the template pages??? I can't not find it anywhere. So, I had to order the complete pattern again. This misplace net cost me $47.00. :(

Hopefully once the second pattern arrives I'll have more success with Step #4, etc! 

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