Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Spin Wheels

American Patchwork & Quilting is one of my absolute favourite quilt mags! I just love it! 

The February edition had a great pin wheel pattern called "Spin Wheels". 

At our semi-annual quilting retreat in September I completed my version (below). I love this quilt, but there are 2 things I love especially: 1) aside from the oatmeal background, every single fabric came from my scrap bin. Not my stash, but my SCRAP BIN! Isn't that great??? It was neat to see fabrics I had used in quilts more than 10 years ago and hadn't seen since. It was a bit of "quilting memory lane", 2) my monogram in the corner. I have been using my monogram on the back of quilts for years, but once I saw how it looked on the front in Whimsical Garden I decided to do it again and I LOVE IT!!!

One thing I did not like about this quilt was the time it took to make the half square triangles. I forgot how much time those HST's take!

The quilt looks very red & green in photos, but it's more red, blue & burgundy in real life. 

Can't wait to get it quilted up and start using it!

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