Thursday, January 15, 2015

Double Wedding Ring

One of the items on my (quilting bucket list) was a Double Wedding Ring. To me, it is one of those "rites of passage" quilt patterns.

So, in late 2014 I bought the Judy Niemeyer templates and began.

The templates were fine, but I found the instructions lacking for someone like me who had never made one before. Luckily my partner's mother has made several DWRs and had the Marti Michelle instructions. Marti's instructions were fantastic. She explains what to do (including what piece to place on top when sewing which is critically important when dealing with curved pieces) and she explains why you do it in that way. Her instructions were easy to follow.

This was my first foray into curved piecing and was ambitious. I was intimidated. But, I had a riot making it! I enjoyed it tremendously and would have continued on and made more circles to increase the size had I not run out of fabric. You know it's a good sign when you want to continue on (and a bad sign when you don't). the project stretched my skills without stressing me out. Nice when it work that way.

This was fun and was excellent practice for working with the curves in the "Happiness" pattern as well as with "Aurora". I feel very competent in working with curves now.

I should have ironed it before taking the photos, but oh well. Here it is. I love it and am proud of how it looks. Not too bad for a person who never sewed a single curved seam before!


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