Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year - Blog Revitalization!

 I love, love reading quilt blogs! I read them every. single. day. Just can’t get enough of them. So, it was high time to get mine rebooted! It’ll be nice for me to have a diary of my quilting journey again.

And what better way to kick off a rebooted blog than with a finish?

The images below are of my first finish of 2015. The pattern is “Happiness” by Jacqueline de Jonge ( of Be Colourful quilts. I am absolutely over the moon with this one (although my family tells me I say that EVERY TIME I finish a quilt)! The fabric is mostly from my stash and the colours are much more vibrant than they appear in the photos. The assembly went like a dream, but there is a bit of a back story…

I have been an admirer of Jacqueline’s patterns for years and finally worked up the courage to order the Aurora kit in early spring of 2014. When it arrived I was delighted with the fabric in the kit, but I was completely lost in terms of understanding the pattern instructions. This was due to three important factors: 1) my complete lack of experience with curved piecing, 2) my lack of experience with paper-piecing, and 3) my inability to understand/visualize the instructions. I was completely lost and totally out of my depth.

And so the kit sat and sat and my guilt at spending the money on it grew and grew.

Then, one day I was perusing quilting blogs and Jacqueline’s came up ( Lo and behold, I quickly discovered that she had made an introductory DVD and pattern for people just like me!

I promptly ordered the DVD and IT. WAS. AWESOME! She explained and demonstrated everything so well that the moment I finished watching it I ordered the accompanying pattern, “Happiness”.

As a result of the DVD someone with extremely limited paper piecing and curved piecing experience was able to assemble this beauty in just a few days time. It looks amazing AND I had a great time doing it. She even explains how to do mitered corners which I had never done before doing them on “Happiness”.

If you are wanting to make one of Jacqueline’s quilts but are, like I was, as confused and as intimidated, I would highly recommend ordering the DVD. It was well worth it. So worth it in fact that I am going to begin the Aurora kit next! I have moved from intimidated and confused about it to excited!

My 2 Quilting Resolutions for 2015 were:

1) Re-start my blog, CHECK
2) Finish Aurora.

Wish me luck with #2!

All the best,

Ps: The white circle looks wonky in this photo which is disappointing because in real life it looks perfect.

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